Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A new game to play means new crafts...umm today?

Lee and I have started to play Sam and Max together on PS3, he has had all the episodes knocking about on his hard drive for a while and asked me if I fancied it, he knows I can't resist as I am massive LucasArts fan girl.
When we play games together we tend to rip them apart looking for things we can make from them, I'm obviously going to amigurumi Max, possibly do some perlers too! But Lee has pipped me to the post, he has made a GIF of the little loading screen on the game!

 I'm pleased the animation works here, as it does not on Facebook or Flickr, feel free to use it just remember to link back here or give credit to Lee!
A better quality one can be downloaded from our DeviantART for your convenience

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