Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Tick Tock

I made a Hama/Perler bead clock for Lee, it was a surprise for him, I had a very hard time not telling him about it as I am the worst secret keeper in the world when it comes to pressies for him!
I decided to make it a Max clock, from Sam and Max, in response to the Max GIF he made, so now we're even on the making things from a new game race.
He loves it and hung it on his wall, it works and everything!
I have ordered another clock movement for it though as the one I got has a short spindle and doesn't fit properly, I didn't look up anything about clock making before I made it as I made a clock at school, so in my mind I am a master clock maker...I'm not, I must learn to research new things before I try them out!

Good lord, he's buck naked

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