Thursday, 13 September 2012


I am going though a zombie phase again, do not fear, I have not become a zombie, I am just a bit obsessed with them!
I'm reading The Walking Dead at the moment, I am quite emerged into it, like when I watched The OC so much I actually began to think I lived there, so reading too much about zombies is quite possibly not a good thing, at least "living" in Orange County was nice and glamorous, this isn't so much.
No, I'm not going to watch the TV series, oddly I can read horror/gore/about Justin Bieber but can't actually watch anything like that on TV or films, I can also play video games with such disturbing-ness in them that they get banned, Manhunt anyone? Although I did almost cry when I first saw a splicer on Bioshock!
I've played through the Resident Evil games a billion times, my problem here is clearly not with zombies.
I just can't watch actual people portray these things...I'm sure i'm not the only one.

To bring my zombie thoughts into a happier realm I have been looking through my Zombie Felties book, I won it in a competition forbidden planet were running, enter a picture of an amigurumi and get put in a prize draw type comp....I didn't win (the prize was 5 different books) but they liked my amigurumi so much they emailed me and sent me Zombie Felties, very kind of them indeed! They don't have it stock anymore but I've seen it about on amazon and rucraft!

Cute zombies don't munch on your brains so much :)

I plan to get some felt and make a couple of them, they will be relevant coming up to Halloween...this Halloween we are going out for a friends birthday as zombies! I think that will be a good end to my obsession and I will find something new to fill my brain with!

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