Sunday, 28 October 2012


I've been uber busy these last few days! Finishing off orders, getting my costume ready for the zombie night and making the Halloween magnets!
I've finished everything, for a change.
The Halloween magnets don't need to be ready until Wednesday but I decided to be organised and get them out of the way so they're definitely ready for the kids that come a knocking.

The magnets are useful for keeping crafty geeks business cards tidy

Zombie's was so much fun and everyone looked really cool! The downside was getting all the makeup off so I could go to work this morning looking presentable.

Jen and I rocking our walking dead look

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Avengers themed custom order

I had an order for a matching box and pencil pot in The Avengers comic pages, I love this little set!
The pencil pot is more Spidey themed and the box more The Thing and Wolverine, but they tie in with the setting and story. It'll be in the barbers tomorrow on their desk, hope they love it as much as I do!

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Business Cards Are Here!

Our new cards have arrived and they are awesome, turned out just as we hoped! They are going to be used as cards to hand out and also part of our packaging!

Monday, 15 October 2012

Size only matters when you're full grown, baby!

Duke update number 3, I feel like I've been stitching him forever and it's getting no bigger, I've half stitched some of his vest this week, observe:

Corrie keeps distracting me

Writing out another pattern soon

I made another hat for my Blythe yesterday, I was meaning to write down what I did as I went along but I made it in the car on my way to Chelmsford, I've jotted down what I think I did but it needs checking, so I'll have to make another one to double check it, Penelope is being rather spoilt with her new hat collection!
I will add pictures of my finished hats to my pattern post as I haven't taken a picture of her new one yet... surprise surprise!

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Zoo Keeper Bunny Found!

I found my original zoo keeper bunny stitch, ha wasn't in the bin, phew! I have taken a picture of him before he goes missing in my craft stash again!

He was backed onto felt and had little scented beads in him I got from Etsy, the beads discoloured him a bit which is a shame, I had him in my car for a couple of days but the scent gave me a headache so he ended up at the bottom of a basket...once I took his beads out, I couldn't have my aida smelling like sweet bubblegum.

Blythe Day

Today I decided to make my Blythe, Penelope, a little hat, it's just a basic double crochet beanie, I was going to make into a little owl hat like the one in Millets but decided to keep this one as a little chic beanie, I think she looks cute in it, observe

Friday, 12 October 2012

New Business Cards On Their Way!

The new business cards have been shipped today, I'm very excited,  Mr Pea designed them and they look awesome! I must use these cards as they cost me actual money unlike the free vista print ones I have at the moment, I never really gave them out very often.
I will be proud to give the new ones out!
Peek of the back of the cards, observe

Lee must never shave again so he looks like his sprite at all times

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Follow us on Twitter

We're on Twitter! Well we have been for a while but I never really go on about it enough, therefore we only have 9 followers, so stand up and be counted as a hardcore Crafty Geeks fan and give us a follow!

I Love Customs Of Things I Love

I was asked to make a zoo keeper bunny clock in different colourway to the in game bunny, I think it has come out really good, I'm very pleased with it

I was worried the light purple outline was going to look odd but it turned out really well! 
The bunny is my favorite animal in the zoo keeper game, I made myself a little cross stitch of him last year, which I obviously didn't photograph, if I can find him I'll do a photo, I made him into an air freshener and the scented beads I used gave me headache, so he may be in the bin :/

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Luckiest Day Shopping

Mr Pea and I went shopping today for bits for the Zombie party at the end of the month, I decided I wanted a tea dress and he wanted a suit jacket and trousers, we hit the charity shops with our list in hand and I ended up coming out of one with a knitting you do.

Vintage knitting goodness

I've been looking for this particular one for quite a while, eBay have had a few but the postage is always high and a lot of people bid on them, they are pretty rare, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw it sitting on the shelf! It's 100% complete and looks like it hasn't even been used, the lady in the charidee shop said that she had only put it out earlier in the day...very lucky indeed! 
My test attempt to make sure it works...observe

It's a bit loose on the side, I just need to get my tension a bit better, can't wait to start knitting on it propely!

Oh, I also managed to get a dress for the zombie night too, the assistant had just put it on the rail and I snapped it up quick, another bit of luck! The dress is Henry Holland and is still on the Debenhams site, I got it for £1.95!!!

That's not me....but that is my dress!

Very successful charity shop day I'd say!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Remembering To Take Photos

I am very bad at taking photos of my makes before I give them away, especially if I have an order because I'm too busy making it all nice in the parcel, it's a shame really because I have made some cool things which I really wish I photographed.
I have found last years amigurumi pumpkins photo, the only photo I took was with my carved pumpkin, the kids next door got the ami's, I'll make some more this year :)

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