Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Crochet v's Coding

I fear that crafting has pushed out all the tech knowledge in my head, I've spent a lot of time today watching videos on how to start up a website on Google sites, so far I've managed to create a site and inform any visitors that it's being created....that's a lie, I have given up until Mr Pea can look at it for me.
So soon, hopefully, we will be reachable at www.craftygeeks.co.uk (at this moment in time this URL is still directing to 123-regs, takes a while to do some "mapping" thing)
If anyone wishes to see our site it's HERE for now, very exciting, non?

In Crafting and less Geek related news, I am creating some little amigurumi wolves for Lone Wolf Mobile Bushcraft go check it out and say hello to Bradley, our local Ray Mears!

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