Tuesday, 19 February 2013

It's-a me! Mario!

Such an unoriginal title, I know.
I had a quick little request for a Mario amigurumi in between Wolf making and preparing another batch of squirrels for All Round Clothing
I couldn't say no as it is for my mums friend's son, he's cute, and 6, you can't say no to cute 6 year olds when they want cool Nintendo things! The bright side of making things for my ma is that she pays me in yarn, which bulks up my crochet stash quite nicely!

This Mario is a bit different from the one I made Mr Pea for Christmas in 2011, I followed a pattern to the letter for that one while this one I kind of "winged" as basic shapes are just required to make him really, except the hat, I did have to look up the hat, the hat is from WolfDreamer

It's-a Mario time!

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