Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Mr. Pea's Surprise Okami Amigurumi

Mr. Pea has been very spoilt, he has had an amigurumi before his birthday! I just couldn't wait to give it to him.
He has been playing Okami on his PS3 and mentioned a desire for an Amaterasu plush or amigurumi, so I planned for a while and then got to work.

I decided to make him a mini one and to mostly base it on Chibiterasu (Amaterasu's son from sequel, Okamiden) I have yet to play this game so haven't seen him in action, it was free on Playstation plus and waiting for me to start but Mr. Pea seems quite happy that I have got it right, win!

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Some Time On My Hands

I have actual free time now! The squirrels are all done and for sale on the All Round website, I have finished one of the orders I received, a fisherman amigurumi, and the other isn't due until July.

Amigurumi Fisherman Done!

It's Lee's birthday in a few weeks, just 5 days after mine! I now have some time to concentrate on making him something as tradition dictates, last year I made him a Pokeball dress wearing amigurumi of myself...as you do.

I have a couple of ideas for him this year, which I clearly can't reveal as Mr. Pea is the other half of Crafty Geeks and most definitely reads our blog! 
I may have some time to carry on with my Duke Nukem cross stitch too! Remember him?

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