Saturday, 4 May 2013

Some Time On My Hands

I have actual free time now! The squirrels are all done and for sale on the All Round website, I have finished one of the orders I received, a fisherman amigurumi, and the other isn't due until July.

Amigurumi Fisherman Done!

It's Lee's birthday in a few weeks, just 5 days after mine! I now have some time to concentrate on making him something as tradition dictates, last year I made him a Pokeball dress wearing amigurumi of you do.

I have a couple of ideas for him this year, which I clearly can't reveal as Mr. Pea is the other half of Crafty Geeks and most definitely reads our blog! 
I may have some time to carry on with my Duke Nukem cross stitch too! Remember him?

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