Monday, 29 July 2013

Sand Kirby On The Beach

Mr. Pea and I popped to the beach last week, as it was such a hot day we figured we should make the most of the nice weather while it's here, luckily we live near a few seaside towns.
We opted for Walton, it's slightly further away but quieter during term time.

The part of beach we went on was pretty good for sand castle building, still being damp from the tide coming in earlier. We took advantage of the awesome sand and made a sand Kirby, I made the body and stuck his little arms on, Mr. Pea sorted out the feet and his face.

Sand Kirby Chilling On The Beach

I popped a Crafty Geeks business card in his hand and we left him there, went we went past back to the car a couple of hours later the tide had come in and washed him away but we have our photos to remember him by.

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