Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hyper Japan 2014

Oh my, we haven't had a new post for a long time!

Had to post about Christmas coming early for us this year, Mr. Pea and I went to Hyper Japan on
Sunday at Earls Court Exhibition Center in London and it was amazing!
Hyper Japan is a exhibition of Japanese culture, food and kawaii awesomeness all in one
massive location, Earls Court One.
The place is massive so there was loads to look at, the most prominent place was the Nintendo zone right in the middle so we made a beeline for the Ninty banners hanging from the ceiling, we watched a bit of the new Super Smash Bros game due out this winter, had a photo with Mario and Luigi and we did some shopping in the Nintendo store!

Super Smash Bros at Hyper Japan

Pea with his heroes! Luigi kept stroking his hair.

On our search for food we came across the Hyper Fringe stage where Yanakiku were performing,
they are so cute, their outfits were amazing, especially when they dressed up as Mt. Fuji! We saw a bit of karaoke on the fringe stage too but we were too hungry to stay.
The food stalls were just across from the stage and it smelt so good! We had a look about what was on offer, there was so many delicious options, sushi, takoyaki, fried chicken, fish and chips and yakisoba, we went for plain yakisoba which is fried noodles in sauce, there was some grated pickled ginger on the side with those which I wasn't very fond of! Mr. Pea however mixed his in with the noodles and said it was tasty, maybe I was eating it wrong. Pea decided tried out some frozen beer, the froth was a bit like a Slush Puppy made of beer, it was actually quite nice, I don't drink beer but I found it quite refreshing.

Tasty Yakisoba

After we filled up on noodles and cleared our street passes on our 3DS's we headed for the shopping stalls and boy did we shop! Tofu cute had 2 mini shops, one just for food and the other was for all the accessories they stock, I got 2 bottles of Ramune, Hello Kitty strawberry pretzel sticks, some pudding chocolates in the cutest packaging and a tote bag with alpacas on, Pea got some Sakura Matcha flavour KitKats, which are cherry blossom and green tea flavour! 

Tofu Cute food shop

Tofu Cute with frozen beer!

At the other Tofu Cute shop they had large alpaca plushes that I really wanted but they only had pink and white ones, I really wanted a light brown one, I ended up getting a lemon coloured one from another stall,
I can't remember the stall holders shop name but they had lots of cool stuff! Pea bought 3 lucky cats from different stalls, we got a few other bits too including a Japanese felt craft book!
There was so much to see and so much we wanted to buy but we had to be good and not bankrupt ourselves for lots of cute things! 

Artbox display

Alpaca army

Alpacas were pretty much everywhere in all colours, sizes and in forms of purses and bags, I got a purse and a mini one for my mum, they're just too cute to resist! I got a few odd looks on the tube back with a massive yellow Alpaca under my arm! 

My haul
We spent the afternoon checking out the traditional Japanese fringe market section, watched some martial arts display and then headed over to SIRO-A on the main stage, they were amazing, we especially loved the video game aspect of one of their routines. 

We had such a great time, we will definitely be going back again next year, there is another one in November which would be awesome before Christmas but work gets in the way, gah!

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